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A B O U T   B M G

To all the motivated,

Hello, everyone, Thank you for visiting our page. I started this journey well over a decade ago in 2001, by developing elite world-class fitness and leadership skills in the U.S. Marine Corps, Parris Island, SC. Over the course of a 10-year career as an active Staff Sergeant in the Marines, eventually landing in Southern California.  I went through the process of completing my fitness certifications from International Sports Science Association (CFT, SFN, FT, SFOA, SSC, and YFT training credentials). Building up a vast range of experience from personal training and nutritional strategies while working for one of the largest gym chains in the country. Going further by being an active NPC Bodybuilder, I will never stop educating myself so that my clients and customers always have the best results while under my charge.

I created Body Management Group, LLC. in 2012 as side business to help offset the cost of my son's school espenses. With the goal of creating one of the few selfless training and nutrition programs that truly puts clients health and health results first. Unfortunately, not everyone has an idea or a seed inside of them that burns with the passion for improving and to leave their marks. If you have that fire burning within, answer the call. Step outside of your comfort zone and get what you want. We sometimes hit a point in our life where we just want to see what we are capable of accomplishing, answer the call.  Not everyone can train or nourish their body's the same way if you're looking to improve and learn what it takes to be great, answer the call.  I'll tell you the secret to succeeding; it takes vision, and drive. No matter the goal, whether fat loss challenges or competing as an elite athlete, get on my back and Body Management Group can carry you there! 


We now created our very product line, PRO (fit) SURE pliable training bands and theraputic massage rollers. Our clients focus on character that makes them strong-willed and disciplined. We encourage everyone to leave your mark.