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Saskia Boogman

When I joined Team Bronzed Divas I had already nationally qualified as a bikini competitor four times. While I liked my current coach, and obviously had success with her, both a lack of communication and a desire to go from regional placer to national contender led me to start searching for something else; it wasn’t a process I took lightly.


After a lot of research over several months, I finally decided to join Team Bronzed Divas after watching Coach CJ Harris interact with his athletes. While I already liked his philosophies on nutrition and fitness it was his genuine connection with the women he trained that finally made my decision. I now say that decision was the best of my bodybuilding career.


Over the past year, CJ has helped me become a first callout national competitor; since joining the team I have placed in the top fifteen in the nation twice and won my first overall title. But honestly, as wonderful as that is, what I’ve learned about correctly fueling my body and sculpting my physique is worth a lot more than any trophy. Team Bronzed Divas has made me a better athlete, healthier person and more confident woman - not just a better competitor.

Ginger Johnson

I started competing NPC Bikini in the spring of 2013 with a local team. I intended to do one show to “check it off my bucket list.” One show turned into two shows, turning it into a well-loved passion.

I was happy with my placings with no real goals in mind. However, after my 3rd show, I realized the team and coaches I was working with was not the best fit for my needs: cookie cutter diet, lack of communication with coaches and lots of team drama. This was not how I envisioned the sport. I continued to do as many shows as possible on my own to get experience. I was approached by teams and coaches over the year. I wanted to be sure the team and coach that I committed to was the best fit for me. In the fall of 2014, I revaluated my goals. I wanted to step on a National stage by the time I was 45.


After researching team Bronzed Divas for over a year, at 44 years old total knee replacements in both knees and a disc replacement in my neck, I contacted Coach CJ Harris and committed to him for a year.


I competed in my first show outside of the Northwest in Las Vegas, NV with CJ in January 2015, placing second in my class qualifying me for the national stage. In September of 2015 with the help of CJ, I stepped on my first National stage placing 5th in my category. Without the guidance of CJ, I would not have achieved my dream. I’ve had lots of excuses along the way to fail, just not a single reason to give up.


CJ has not only helped me build a better physique, but he has also helped find the confidence that I have lacked. I’ve committed the 2016 season to the Bronzed Divas.

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